About Me

I'm an information designer, social media afficionado, and recent graduate (not necessarily in that order).

With a masters from Georgetown University's CCT Program, and a B.A. in Visual Arts/Media from UC San Diego, I have an interdisciplinary background spanning both technical expertise in computer media and analytical communications skills. The ways in which people connect to each other, and express themselves, through technology fascinate me. As a result, I can always be found trying out any number of new social networking platforms.

In my off time, I love languages and virtual worlds and always being right. :)


Multimedia Design: Adobe Creative Suite, FinalCut Pro, Audacity (examples »)

Front-end Web Development: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries, Content Management Systems (CMS) (examples »)

Analytics: ethnography, qualitative analysis, usability testing, future-casting (examples »)

New/Social Media theory: anonymity & identity online, participatory culture, convergence culture (examples »)


You can download my resumé (pdf) or view my LinkedIn profile to see more of my skills and experiences.