Quantitative and qualitative analytical skills are necessary to tailor products to client needs. The projects on this page all required some analysis of data in order to make some judgement or recommendations for a client. Most of these projects, while originating in academia, have also been presented to and practically applied within the client organizations.

Usability Testing for CPASS website

Usability Testing for CPASS website download file

Client: Georgetown's Center for Peace and Security Studies

Project overview: A full usability test was performed for the CPASS website using the Thinking-Aloud Protocol as well as a post-test survey. Thus the usability of the site was analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. The final report was submitted to CPASS, and recommended changes are being implemented.

Skills: user experience testing (thinking-aloud protocol, survey)

Date(s): Apr 2010

Metrics for Knowledge Management (KM) at the World Bank view presentation

Client: World Bank Knowledge Management group

Project overview: Our group was asked to identify problem issues and come up with some metrics for a new knowledge-sharing initiative at the World Bank. Using Google and Buckman Laboratories as case studies, our claims were that the Bank needed both top-down support and incentives to motivate employees from the bottom up. We were given the opportunity to present to a KM group at the Bank itself in May 2011.

Skills: knowledge management, communities of practice; Prezi software

Date(s): Mar-May 2011

Predicting The Future of Bookstores

Predicting The Future of Bookstores download file

Client: assumed the role of forecasting analyst on behalf of Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Project overview: Identified key certainties and uncertainties in the future of bookstores and provided three possible future scenarios with emphasis on technology, publishing, and readership. Part of a course entitled "How to Predict the Futures" which covered many methods of forecasting (see below).

Skills: scenario-planning, backcasting, Delphi polling, Black Swan Theory

Date(s): Nov-Dec 2009