Print & Web Design

Good design helps to communicate information, vital in the age of information overload. My print/graphic and web design work have been focused not in glamorous media and advertising, but rather in science and academics, as I believe there is a gap to be bridged between researchers/scholars and the general public.

Web Design

LC Tech Solutions

LC Tech Solutions website visit site

Client: LC Tech is a R&D company focused on designing, developing and integrating advanced materials for optoelectronic device applications.

Project overview: The goal was to design a minimalistic website that would cater to both the scientific community and potential business clients. A specific request was for all the projects to be displayed on one page, in a gallery-like format. A key challenge was in taking scientific terminology and concepts and presenting them in a more accessible fashion, both linguistically and visually.

Skills: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries

Neuroscience Information Framework

Neuroscience Information Framework Website visit site

Client: The Neuroscience Information Framework, an NIH initiative focused on providing resources on the web to neuroscientists

Project overview: NIF wanted to build a "Web 2.0" site with a focus on collaboration within the neuroscience community. A key challenge was in putting the focus on the search engine, the most important feature of NIF, especially as it was still in production at the time.

Skills: XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, Flash; SEO, social media

Note: Due to a version update to the database central to NIF, the live website now shows an entirely new design.

Print Design

Communication, Culture and Technology

Georgetown CCT Program poster view larger image

Client: Georgetown University's Communications, Culture, & Technology master's program

Project overview: I was asked to design a poster to be used in advertising the CCT Program and recruiting new students. A key challenge was in the process of information design — how to convey the interdisciplinary bent of the program graphically.

Skills: Photoshop, InDesign

Exquisite Events logo

Exquisite Events logo view larger image

Client: Exquisite Events, a start-up event planning company

Project overview: Client requested the logo to look contemporary and have a clean-cut, modern design.

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator; typography