Print Design

Communication, Culture and Technology

Georgetown CCT Program poster view larger image

Client: Georgetown University's Communications, Culture, & Technology master's program

Project overview: I was asked to design a poster to be used in advertising the CCT Program and recruiting new students. A key challenge was in the process of information design — how to convey the interdisciplinary bent of the program graphically.

Skills: Photoshop, InDesign

Date(s): Sept 2009

CRBS handouts view larger images

Client: CRBS

Project overview: Handouts included in an informational package given out at a science conference. The main challenge in this project was the immediate deadline: not only all design and layout work needed to be done, but also several hundred copies needed to be printed out on in-house printers, all within one work day.

Skills: Photoshop, InDesign

Date(s): 2008



UCSD Sixth College Literary Magazine flyer view larger image

Client: Exquisite Events, a start-up event planning company

Project overview: Client requested the logo to look contemporary and have a clean-cut, modern design.

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator; typography

Date(s): 2008

SBS fan project flyer

SBS fan project flyer view larger image

Client: SBSK, an English-speaking fanbase for a Korean band

Project overview: A half-page flyer to be printed and passed out in front of concert venues in Korea. The flyer is half-informational and half-promotional, explaining an online fan project created by English-speaking fans, and invites Korean fans to participate in the fan project as well. Vector image work done in Photoshop.

Skills: Photoshop; typography

Date(s): 2006