Web Design

Lawrence Health Center

Lawrence Health Center visit site

Client: This health spa is an underground oasis in Santa Clara, Calif.

Project overview: Given photos of the spa and a tri-fold brochure to work with, I was asked to design and implement this website from scratch.

Skills: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries; design, UX

Date(s): Jul 2011

LC Tech Solutions

LC Tech Solutions visit site

Client: LC Tech is a R&D company focused on designing, developing and integrating advanced materials for optoelectronic device applications.

Project overview: The goal was to design a minimalistic website that would cater to both the scientific community and potential business clients. A key challenge was in taking scientific terminology and concepts and presenting them in a more accessible fashion, both linguistically and visually.

Skills: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries; design, UX

Date(s): Jun-Aug 2010

Neuroscience Information Framework

Neuroscience Information Framework visit site

Client: The Neuroscience Information Framework, an NIH initiative focused on providing resources on the web to neuroscientists.

Project overview: NIF wanted to build a "Web 2.0" site with a focus on collaboration within the neuroscience community. One major challenge was in balancing visual elements so that the search engine, which was the key product of NIF, was not visually overpowered. Please note that due to a version update to the database central to NIF, the live website now shows a new design.

Skills: XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, Flash; SEO, social media

Date(s): 2008-2009

previous portfolio layouts view larger images

Client: N/A

Project overview: A few samples from previous layouts of my personal website. The target audience was friends and others with the same personal interests as myself, so there was more freedom to use less conventional page setups. Text has been blurred due to personal content.

Skills: HTML, CSS

Date(s): 2004-2006